Medical Distribution Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System WMS


Our Medical Warehouse Management System is another part of our Powerful ERP Solution that allows you to manage a single or multiple Warehouses.

Your warehouse manager and warehouse personnel can scan items, move items between warehouse locations; they will never need to manually adjust inventory quantities. All relevant ordering and inventory data is handled behind the scenes by Our Medical Warehouse Management System and adjustments are made across the system. So your inventory, purchasing, warehouse and accounting are always synchronized and up-to-date.

While receiving products, VNS’s warehouse management system will give you the option to automatically assign lot/serial numbers and expiration dates that is mandatory for the medical industry.

VNS’s Warehouse Management System improves your day-to-day operations. As you receive products, use VNS’s barcoding and scanning system to automatically assign them to the designated warehouse and bin/shelf location which will increase efficiency and productivity. The system also gives you the capability to manage stock movement between multiple warehouses. VNS’s business intelligence system allows you to effectively manage stock on-hand, calculate current low stock, and project future supply needs.

Our WMS will allow you to optimize your processes to suit your business and the Unit Of Measure in your Warehouse/s.

From receiving Products to moving them into your warehouse shelfs all the way to picking and shipping with Unit Of Measure Intelligence System

Depending on the size of your facility and any special handling requirements, it may make sense to distribute picking and put away tasks differently or interleave them for maximum efficiency. The pick/pack/ship combinations in most warehouses are endless, and a good WMS will help you to make the best use of your available resources without wasting effort.

An efficiently run warehouse helps to reduce delivery lead times and order accuracy errors. Perfect orders mean happier customers. Suppliers are happier too when they can make deliveries without long waits for a dock or someone to accept the delivery.

By ensuring perishable or expiring inventory is picked first, a good WMS can help reduce waste. Efficient use of space and labor also reduces waste; and a WMS can calculate the optimum location for each item to ensure that the use of space is balanced against the pick and put-a-way effort.

When you ship perfect orders, your demand history is not cluttered with repeat shipments or replacements for incorrectly shipped items, helping to ensure that your demand history is clean. The correct WMS not only improves your perfect order rate, it can use the history to predict future demand using a “best fit” algorithm to calculate demand.

A good WMS system requires workers to enter transactions using their own user account. The result is an audit trail that ties transactions to the specific worker, which helps to reduce pilferage and other forms of shrinkage and provide opportunities for coaching.

A WMS helps provide structure in the workplace, and through our research, we learned that this structure boosts employee morale. When an employee knows exactly what they are supposed to be doing, they are more fulfilled by their work. The respond well to the efficient processes, increased accuracy, and situational autonomy provided by a WMS.

Providing visibility into inventory usage and on hand balances helps distributors plan their operation better, reducing lead times and costs of excess inventory. Additionally, this visibility allows customer service staff immediate access to real-time data enabling better end customer support.

You should be able to rely on your WMS vendor to keep abreast of trends in the industry and to support new ideas with a continuous stream of new functionality that helps you to reduce costs, improve operations, and optimize processes with each new release.


As your business and demand for countless variety of items grows, utilizing a barcode system in your warehouse management can eliminate costly mistakes and dramatically increase the speed of order processing. VNS can automatically generate barcodes for every product in your warehouse, which eliminates unnecessary and time-consuming chores such as manually typing names and SKUs of every single product.  Also, VNS allows you to assign Bin Locations for every single item that is stored in your warehouse inventory. Such business intelligence will continuously keep you updated of the current inventory but more importantly; your warehouse staff and management team will know the exact location of any given item within your warehouse. This is an indispensable tool for running a modern warehouse operation, especially when dealing with multi-warehouse facilities, where the items listed as “in stock” are often in a different location altogether.


VNS’s warehouse management system has a built in lot control functionality to ensure every piece of inventory that flows through your warehouse can be traced to its group of origin. VNS’s lot control gives you the ability to easily track inventory and quickly respond to issues. You can quickly identify batches for recall, manage lots by expiration date, and differentiate products by lots. Implementing VNS’ WMS with lot control will help your business reduce costs, streamline operations, and increase throughput.




Medical Warehouse Management System

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