Business Intelligence for Medical Suppliers and Distributors

Business Intelligence (Integrated BI Platform)

Vip Net Services’s Business Intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics promotes a powerful, data-driven culture to give you a deep, comprehensive understanding of your business. Empower your organization to make faster, more informed business decisions and improve productivity in creating reports, dashboards, and powerful data visualizations. Vip Net Services’s MCP is the heart of the entire system and the part you will interact with the most as an administrator. From the control panel you have complete control over your Vip Net Services system’s operations and settings.

Inventory Management

Once you have chosen which product lines from any of the major medical supply manufacturers are to be placed in your e-commerce system, we can upload your inventory data into the system, (or start with a blank slate) and categorize them into subcategories and groupings with the active guidance of our implementation team who will walk you through the entire process step by step. If you have your own brand and need to upload the details into Vip Net Services, our team will happily do the entire process for you and ensure it is mapped into the system to your absolute satisfaction.

Automated PO Generation

Once your Vip Net Services system is implemented and up and running, all your new sales, returns, and other inventory adjustments will be processed in Vip Net Services . Since you will have an up-to-date, automated inventory system we can seamlessly process Purchase Order data and Accounting reports for you; all within a single end-to-end solution.

Vip Net Services has sophisticated algorithms that can be set-up to monitor inventory levels per item and alert you when you are running low. Vip Net Services then generates an automatic purchase order (PO) to the pre-determined vendor or manufacturer of the low-inventory item. Upon your review and approval, you can print the PO, save it as a file, or email it from within Vip Net Services.

Vip Net Services has a selection of inventory reporting tools designed especially to cater to the needs of medical supply and equipment distributors. You can better analyze longer term patterns or irregularities in the frequency, amounts, and selection of items your clients are ordering. There are numerous pre-built reports to help you identify ordering and purchasing patterns and trends so that you may craft new marketing and logistical strategies utilizing up-to-date and accurate data.

Barcode Printing

Vip Net Services has the capabilities to read various barcodes as well as generating barcodes for items without one all built into the system. We can set up Vip Net Services to utilize any of the common bar code standards for your inventory management system. Most forms that deal with product receiving and shipping will have the corresponding barcodes printed as well. Your employees may never type in an SKU again!

Wherever it makes sense, bar codes will appear on the screen. Vip Net Servicesis compatible with most of the commercially available barcode scanners. Your warehouse staff will be able to scan an item right on the screen, saving time, paper, and productivity. We have found that this feature is particularly useful for speeding up receiving and adding new inventory items at a fraction of the time it would normally take if you were to enter item numbers and descriptions manually. The fact that long SKUs do not have to be manually typed-in virtually eliminates the chance of a mistype that can cause an inaccurate inventory count. Keeping an accurate and up-to-date inventory avoids fulfillment complications, reduces chance of wastage, and ultimately makes your employees’ tasks less tedious; lowering the chance of fatigue and burn-out.

Deploy and Manage Multiple e-commerce Websites

With Vip Net Services you can set up multiple websites with different URL’s and design layout. Some of our clients have a professional (B2B) website that caters only to credentialed medical professionals, and a more consumer oriented (B2C) website offering more common medical supplies to the general public. You can have as many websites as your marketing strategy dictates; all with full e-commerce capability and all being managed by a single inventory system. You can even set up different pricing schemes and Units of Measurement (Each/Box/Case etc…) per website so you have complete flexibility on how you serve your target markets. You can sell a product by the Case at a discount to a hospital, and sell a single item of the same product at full suggested retail to an individual; Vip Net Services handles orders of any size and complexity.

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